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People looking to compare gas prices 'not interested in Green Deal'

Published on : 05/05/2011

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Homeowners looking to reduce their energy costs may be more likely to compare gas prices instead of seek help from the government, as an expert has observed a lack of interest in the Green Deal.

Sustain Worldwide's Gordon Miller noted that many people within the construction and development industry believe the public will not take up the offer in as great a number as is expected.

He said the cause of the problem is a lack of engagement in efficiency measures and it will be up to both the government and the private sector to solve it.

"It's proving to be a struggle," he remarked, adding that even the opportunity for elderly people to receive free insulation has not lead to a sudden increase in attention.

Recent figures published by the Federation of Master Builders showed nearly 44 per cent of people associated with the organisation do not expect people to make use of next year's Green Deal.

Posted by Richard Eden

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