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Spark Energy - Spark Advance 2

Please note that Spark Energy Spark Advance 2 is no longer available.

It may have been superseded by a newer tariff. Perhaps you might be interested in Spark Energy Direct Debit Advance 3 »

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Spark Energy charges different rates depending on the region of the country that you live in. Please provide your postcode to view prices for this tariff as well as to compare all other tariffs in the market to see which one is the cheapest for you.

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Tariff Features

  • With Spark Advance your Monthly Direct Debits are taken in advance before you've used your energy. Spark Energy take two payments to begin with. The first will be taken around three weeks after you have applied. This is a one month deposit which will sit on your account, ensuring a credit balance of 1 month's peak usage at all times. The second payment will be taken on your chosen payment day and is the first of your regular Monthly Direct Debits. If you decide to leave Spark will refund any credits on your account.
  • Variable rate tariff - energy prices may go up or down.
  • Online billing - view your bills online.
  • Monthly Direct Debit - in advance.
  • Dual fuel only - you must take both gas and electricity.
  • No early termination fees.
  • Notes: This tariff is not available to customers whose gas is supplied via an Independent Gas Transporter (IGT) network.

Note: any early termination fees shown may not apply after the contract has expired. Sometimes tariff data changes or becomes out of date when a tariff has been withdrawn. UK Power cannot always guarantee the accuracy of the data displayed. Please report any errors to

Supplier information

Spark Energy is committed to providing the best customer service in the industry and fantastic benefits.

Being a new company, they are in a position to use cutting edge technology, including the use of smart meters. This technology has aided them in substantially reducing the paperwork, internal phone calls and meetings that would typically raise costs all around. You save, they save, or put simply, lower overheads deliver lower prices. Job done.

Over the next few years, Spark Energy will be busy obtaining secure renewable fuel sources with a view to providing 100% of their customer's electricity requirements with renewable energy.

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