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UK Power is one of a handful of energy comparison sites in the UK that are fully accredited to the Ofgem confidence code. This means that the energy regulator Ofgem regularly carry out checks of our site to ensure that we are operating to their standards.

In order to be approved by Ofgem for this accreditation, there are a few things that we do:

Pricing accuracy

We ensure that the pricing for every single energy tariff on our site is up to date and accurate. We’re proud to say that UK Power was one of only three energy comparison services that had a 100% score for pricing accuracy at the last Ofgem check. The average across all energy comparison sites was 84% at the last audit. These scores are something UK Power feels should be published and will continue to work with Ofgem to make this happen for the benefit of both the industry but more importantly the customers using these services.

We do our very best to ensure that our gas and electricity price database is accurate; new tariff changes are updated, usually the same working day and always within 2 working days.

So you can be sure that by using UKPower.co.uk you are seeing up to date pricing and you are making a decision about your gas and electricity tariff based on accurate and correct information.


We are completely impartial and if you choose to, we will show you prices and tariffs from every single energy supplier in the market, regardless of whether they pay us commission or not.

We also order our results by default according to which tariff will provide you with the biggest saving, there is no way that any supplier can appear higher in this table - apart from lowering their prices of course!

We also always do our best to point out features of the tariff that we think you should be aware of (e.g. if a particular supplier takes direct debit payments in advance).


Our database includes every single tariff available in the market from every licensed domestic energy supplier. You won’t find any tariffs out there on any other sites that we don’t include within our comparison, allowing you to make a fully informed choice when comparing energy prices with UK Power. If you do think we’re missing something, you can let us know at enquiries@ukpower.co.uk.

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The UK Power energy comparison site is fully accredited by Ofgem to compare energy for domestic consumers.

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