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* Between April 1, 2017 and September 30, 2017, at least 10% of people who switched energy supplier for both gas & electricity with uSwitch.com saved £491 or more.*

Don't take our word for it, below are just a few of the testimonials we receive every day from people who used the services on this website:

Great - hopefully! We've just moved into a new house so didn't have a detailed cost history, so found this site really helpful with its estimate of the cost of the current suppliers and a succinct summary of cheaper providers. Hopefully the switch will save us several hundred pounds in energy bills.

Rachel Leslie

Very easy and comfortable to use, would highly recommend you to my friends and family!! Thank you Mr D Solanki

Mr Dharmendra Solanki

great service, many thanks.

anna robertson

Does not need improving - excellent

Mrs Claire Monk


Mr Allan Bennett

Seems very good to me!

Mr Derek Collis

A very helpful and easy to use site

Mr Trevor Groom

I think this is a good website quick, simply & easy to use. In my opinion no changes necessary many thanks Mrs Wheatcroft

Mrs Barbara Wheatcroft

The sign up process was so straight forward that I can't think of any improvements.

Mr Ralph Rimmer


Mr Thomas Fox

I was very pleased to how easy and simple it was to switch, Thank you

Mrs D Crowhurst

An excellent site and one of the only ones to list ebico/equipower tariff


Good site - clear and helpful

Mr Michael Corfield

very happy with the service quick and simple

mr s james

Excellent website. Accurate information, concise, and no nonsense. Thanks.

Mr Nick Bliss

Very easy website to use, very customer friendly, well done

Mrs Jane Allen

This is the first time I have switched online and your site was very well presented and straight forward to use thank you.

Steven Wasley

Excellent. I was able to check the tariffs - I wouldn't switch without being able to compare them. The switching form was simple and easy to complete.


Clear,simple and straight forward, can't see much room for improvement

Mr Brian Clayson

Change nothing. The site is very user friendly!!!

Mr Paul Hodson

I would recomend this site to every gas & electric customer, it has helped me keep track of my usage amount and save hundreds of pounds over the years. Thanks a bundle.

Miss Nixon

Fantasticaly painless process, i am very happy with your service.

Nermin Kekic

The switch was quick and easy, I especially liked that fact you could use the price you pay monthly rather than usage. I think the website is very easy to use. Many thanks

Mrs Vicki Teale

all i can say is what a cracking idea it makes life so much simpler thank you very much saves me trying to work it out myself

michael Bradshaw-Roberts

UK POWER.co.uk turned the nightmare task of power supplier price comparisons into a "breeze" and found me potential savings of over £400. Fantastic - thank you.

Mr Syer Shulver

very painless in comparison to some other web sites.

mrs v constable

I found your website avery quick and simply process to change my provider. A very clear website to understanding. Thanks

Mr John Slotta

I thought your website was very good- I much preferred it to confused.com, and when I telephoned for help at one point your lady who spoke to me was excellent

Mrs Patricia East

If the change over is as easy as filling out this change over form i will be WELL impressed! Thank You

Mark Ware

This is the easiest way of changing suppliers I have come across.

Mr Peter Benniman


Mrs Tina Addis

Very good compared with other comparison web sites

Mr Peter Collins

This is the best energy comparison site I have used. I found the detailed cost calculation very useful, I've never seen this on any other sites.

Mrs Christine Cole


Mrs Tabassum Akhtar

web site very easy to use even for me

Mr David Dickinson

Thanks to all involved in this site it is a great site to use and a great tool to compare monthly even yearly figures, I often use this site to compare my bills and to check im not overpaying on my direct debit each month

Martin Johnson

very easy switching service, first class

Mr Philip Martin

Thought your web site was very easy to use so don't change anything.

Mr Paul Blatchford

So far very good, bordering on exellent. Look forward to a smooth change over. Thanks very much. Jaswinder.

Jaswinder Sibgh Chaggar

It was a very easy transition, I had no problems at all using this website.

Mr Paul and terry Nicholls and whiteman


Mr Robert Parker

Great tool thanks very much,you can get the true cost of prices before you switch or work out your bill.


Very easy to follow. Very clear instructions and all information needed is provided in detail. Cannot be faulted ( so far1)

Mr Barry Ledgard

As a very rational buyer, I look for sufficiently detailed information to enable me to verify calculations, to ensure I am making the best possible decision. I found no other comparison site which were explicit in terms of how discounts were applied, and whether these were or were not included in final comparison figures. Some other (well known) sites also required me to provide irrelevant information, in order to access tarrif details. Overall, your site was by far the best in terms of clear and explicit information, ease of use and general user-friendliness:-a fine example of "lean" service delivery,so far!

Ms Sue Warner

Great clear site and the calculater made it easy to check correct energy consumption and it was really easy to switch.

Mrs Gillian Houston

this company is amazing so easy so quick marvelous

Mr Francis Beeston

one of best and useful energy website especially the energy calculators keep up with good work. many thanks

raj virdee

I found your site very easy to use, with the best feature of the site being that the relevant information for a decision to switch was concise and presented in a clear and jargon free manner, therefore I have no suggestions on how the site might be improved.

Mr David Gibson

It is a good, clear and easy to use site.

Mr Victor Brown


Mr Barry Cox

Your website is a lot easier to use than uswitch

Mr Stephen Haynes

i thought it was excellent thank you for the written clarity and easy on the eye design!

Ms Katherine Reid

i think your tool is a excellent tool. it helps customers to see their usage and compare other suppliers. Access should be open for all.

bill harper

i think your tool is a excellent tool. it helps customers to see their usage and compare other suppliers. Access should be open for all.

bill harper

Very easy to use web site with clear bill breakdown and costs of each supplier. Will recommend to others

Ian Winkworth

i like this site it's very straight forward and i don't have to try and work out anything myself it's all there at a click.

Mrs Margaret Peplow

Easy and clear instructions for completing information.

Rosemarie Shepherd

The site layout is good and very easy to follow.

Dr William Alexander

very good on line service ,will give full feedback when switch is completed


website is fine,its all there.

Mr Tony Rider

No need to improve, we found it very helpful.

Mr Peter george Ashfield

ok i saved £ 269.00 a year thanks

andrew norton GM

Very impressive so far, I hope the change over is as easy as the first part. I'm impressed. A R Reynolds

Mr Arthur Reynolds

Very well. The prices are competitive and the website very easy for me, a relative new computer user to negotiate. Many thanks.


Looks pretty good to me. As I have never "switched" before, I found your website to be most beneficial and in plain English so even an old man like me could understand it. Many thanks

Mr Geoffrey Trueman

Very well done Many thanks

Mr Barry Hilton

I thought your site was really easy to use -- I particularly liked the way I could easily access the actual charges being offered by OVO -- KW/HR rates daily standarding charges rates etc...

Mr Ken Duffy

OK Most impressed

Mr David Hilbourne

Your website, unlike the majority of others, gives you easy access to the tarrifs. Much simpler to understand!

Ms Carol Bright

Very clear comparisons make what otherwise might be a complicated process, quite simple.

Mr Alan Lambert

the site was easy to use and gave all the caculations including one for your present supplier so it was easy to compare.

Mr Norman Burgoyne

Nice, easy to understand website even for the grey haired brigade! Well done

Mrs Shirley Hayter

Very good, easy and very straight forward. Regards Peter Gould

Mr Peter Gould

I think the website is absolutley brilliant, really impressed with my saving. I also spoke to you on the phone and thought you were also very helpful. Thank you for my saving.

Mr Daniel Sewell

The website was well set up, and clear to use. I found it very easy to find what I wanted. The comparison checks were very efficient. I would recommend this website to a friend.


Hassle free

Mr David Surtees

Your site was very easy and quick.I look forward to hearing from you.

Ms Marie Jackson

Very easy site to understand

Mrs Marilyn Quarmby

Very easy and simple to follow steps and it only took few minutes to complete the switch

Dr Frag Abouaesha

Simple to follow instructions. so far, so good!

Mr John malcolm Fox

Surprisingly easy to use. Energy price comparison calculator was exremely straightforward. Excellent site and very easy to use.


Very good.(Even for a complete technophobe like me !!),Read about this service in the newspaper. Used it because it stated clearly that you are independant. You need to advertise more because it was pure luck that i found you!


Possibly the most straightforward site I have ever used. I particularly commend the details provided in completing the form.


This website is an absolute godsend. millions of us very intelligent, and yet busy, people sit at home trying to decide whether to use our precious free time trying to wade through the different offers of all the new companies, trying to figure out which one is best. we know we can save money, but the companies, with their own literature, confuse us to the point that we rather do the laundry or clean our kid's old football boots. you have made all that a thing of the past. thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Very easy to use and understand - a lot more easy than trying to understand the tariff on an certain suppliers gas bill!! I had tried to trail through individual suppliers websites to get the best deal for me. It really was a thankless task and took a whole Saturday afternoon and I was still none the wiser getting lost in all the jargon and tariffs. This site was brilliant got straight to the answer I needed in minutes. Thank you.


Found you on the web, very easy to use, helpful in consolidating the information makes it easy to see where money can be saved. As i found this site by accident - it would be helpful to others to advertise somehow - I haven't seen anything about you before. I am constantly contacted by suppliers to change but have found it difficult to compair tariffs until now - Thank you.


quick and easy to follow

Mrs Donna Speight

£100 saving. very happy. many thanks

Mr Ross Moore

The most helpful site I came across.

Mr Andrew Morton

very quick and user friendly

Mr Ian Grant

Thank you it was a pleasure

Mrs Sandra margaret Wadsley

Thank you for a simple easy to use online form.

Mr Ian Morland

really easy to use

Miss Deborah Wright

very good website. very useful too thanks very helpful


Good clear and concise website.

Mrs Ann Day

Simple easy to use website. Helpful advisor on the phone.

Mr Glenn Spiteri

It could not have been easier.

Mr William Mclean

This seems very straightforward

Mrs Karen Morfey

Very straight forward so far... thanks...

Mr Derek May

Very simple and straight forward, clearly presented info. Thanks.

Mr Gordon Cooper

very good so far,clear and consise site

john william shaw

We found the application straight forward and quite easily followed. We hope the remainder of the change-over goes just as smoothly. Many thanks.

Mr Leonard Hudson

So far, so good. I've completed the 'switch' request and now I have a wait to see the results. Fingers crossed!

Mr John Harding

very clear and easy to use website, making it easy to switch (so far!).

Mr Steven Chinery

quite an easy way of switching supplier

Mr John Lucas

easily done

Mr Winston Dyson

All seems well - I have my fingers crossed. Thank you.

Jean Elliott

smooth easy process

Mr Ian Hogan

very easy and straightforward

Mr William Dudgeon

An excellent, easy to use service.

Mr Walter Rushton


Mr Reginald Dixon

Great website, a lot of suppliers to compare from. A++

Mr Andrzej Piorkowski

Excellent website. Easy to use and looks like it will save me over 400 pounds a year

Mr Christopher Sunman

clear and simple instructions to follow. Thank you for making it easy to switch.

Mrs Monique Browne

Easy to follow switch application.Looking forward to the new lower payments.

Mr Jack Hobson

Good clear site, better than other switch sites!

Mr Paul Snelling

very easy to complete

Miss Victoria Bean

The switch process was easy to understand and quick to apply and complete. Thank you.

Mr David Rae

OK. It was an easy to understand, straight forward process.

Mr Richard Bayles

So far so good, this was very simple to complete information required and when I used the telehpone service to check a couple of things it was again very simple and helpful, thank you

Mr Michael Willis

Clear concise information/instructions -very helpful HLW.

Mr Herbert lewis Williams

Easy to follow , easy to use and hopefully easy to switch!

Mrs Carol Simey

very straightforward so far will be in touch later when all under way!

judi turner

pain free 10/10

s ayre

very well and quick and easy

madeline brockbanks

So Easy - I was amazed

Ms Karen Davies

Easy to follow form-filling, price comparisons straight to the point!

Mr Geoffrey Walker

The site was very clear and easy to understand and the process for switching simple. However it remains to be seen if the the rest of the process is as smooth Derrick Hancock

Mr Derrick Hancock

Excellent. Concise and quick. Thank you.

Mrs Julie Southern

You did great, easy to see the differences between tarrifs and switching is easy.

John Davies

good rates I should know as I am an energy broker working SME!

Mr Warren Stone

the online switch went fast and easy,I look forward now to the good effects. :) thx

Mr Maciej Bilicki

Easy and fast,thanks,nnp

norman platts


Mrs Janet Clark

I have just switch my Energy Supplier, I found the web site very helpful. Thank :-)

Mr M.Khot

very good 5* service

john soulsby

sorted business energy at begining of week now done home energy...so I guess I must be happy

Mr Paul Wood

Using the comparison site was very easy, just hope the actual switch goes as well.

Mrs Audrey Spurr

so easy it,s child,s play

Miss Tonya Wallace

Great easy to use - Thanks

Ms Wendy Steele

I beleive the data I provided UKPower was used more accurately to calculate the best deal for me, than other web sites.

Mr Stephan Miles

really good and easy to do

Mrs Karen Oneill

Liked the web site. Easy to use and information well presented.

Mr Brian Dunne

I found the site very informative and easy to use. The switch over information took no time at all

Mr Alan Smith

Splendid! Easy!

Ms Michelle Gauntlett

Very impressed with your site,it was very easy to use and I will recomend you to friends and colleages. Many Thanks

R. Byron

Thank you,switching was made very easy with a saving of £202. Thank you again. Mr.D.Dunbabin. Liverpool.

Mr.David Dunbabin

The easiest to use and most informative comparison site - the only one that appears to display actual unit cost rates

Mr Tom Mawhood

web site very simple and great to use, took few minutes and seemed to have saved a lot. So far so good...!

Mr Simon Hermansen

After days of researching tariffs on various sites, the final switching process seems simple. Now time will tell as to whether or not I can save the £400 + p/a.

Mrs Jillian Henshall


Gillian Brummell

Brilliant - so far!!

Roger Willoughby

Thought website was very good. Other sites do not always show what your new tarrif would be they just quote the amount you would save.

Mrs Sylvia Thomson

A user friendly website which makes switching suppliers easy.

Mr Jim Mylotte

excellent - well laid-out, accurate information, and easy switch

Mr Christopher Pill

Very easy to switch. Comparison site good and easy to understand.

Mrs Janet Cornell

easy to understand and compare prices good layout and uncomplicated website.

Mrs Christine Richardson

Very good and easy to use and we saved shed loads of money

Mr Adam Davies

Dead easy. Thank you!

Mr Ben Bransby

I found your website extremely easy to use and I will be saving quite a lot of money now, even though I was a low user before as I live on my own. Thank you. Elizabeth

Elizabeth Gartside

So far quite painless thank you.

Mr Peter Kirk

I feel that it was good to see a quick and simple change

Mr Keith Rodwell

Excellent. Well designed & easy to use. If all the data is accurate & I do end up with the savings indicted....THANKS!

Stuart Ford

Great, straight forward and simple to do.

Mr David Farmer

The site is well laid out, userfriendlly and compares well with other in the market.

Mr Garrick Davis

No confusion, very easy. Thankyou

Mr Mark Sayer

you done great. it was quick and easy.No problems

robert chapman



OK Dead easy to do.

Mrs Brenda mary Lawley

At present very good, clear information on prices. Will reach a proper decision in 4 to 6 weeks when change over complete.

Mr David Clappison

Well done :)Keep up the good work ;)

Mr Richard Cooper

excellent andeasy to use - worked 1st time.

Mr Clive Milton

you did great, easy to follow instructions, all handled very well - many thanks

Mrs Jean Ryall

Easy to use and I hope we complete switch soon. Thanks!!!!

Mr Robert Bowyer

good, prices were good compared to others, form easy to fill in.

Mr Antony Carter

Very easy to switch thanks

B Halliwell

Fantastic work. Many thanks.

Miss Anna Ostrowska

quick and easy, very good

Mr John Holmes

simple & painless! hope the switch itself goes as well

Mr Brian Griffiths

Very good website all round. Clear and concise comparisons and seamless switching to new preferred suplier. Much better than any other comparison site that I checked out. Thank you.

Mrs Clare Frost

Its sooooooooooooooo easy.

Mrs Kate Wilkins

Wow, That was so easy !! You have a great site dealing in important issues such as domestic bills and you make it easy to understand even for us old un's

Edward R Green

That was so easy, I usually get very confused when doing anything like this.

Miss Muriel Smith

Much clearer than U switch to use and you had the exact tariff that I was paying on screen which made the comparison easier to understand a very good service

Mr Robert Morris

Good information on alternative energy suppliers, and the process to switch was easy

Mr Phillip Allen

Very straight forward and clear. Nice presentation of current cost against projected costs with explanation of the parameters.

Mr William Jobson

quick, helpfull and painless

Mrs Jeanette Fisher

very straightforward application form and your telephone operative was very informative and helpful.

Mr Robert Rowden

Excellent and simple to complete - thanks

Mr Thomas Pratt

It seemed very easy so I hope the change over goes smoothly

Mrs Olive Harwood


Mr Mohammed Hanif

A really easy process. Fantastic. Thanks for saving me money.

Mr Douglas Speirs

easy to use website- many thanks

Mr Kenneth Hendry

That was too easy - is there a catch?

Mrs Christine Heaps

Excellent service , and simple to use.

Mr R.w. Mortimer

Very easy to use your site, response was very quick, and we now await the switchover. I like the way that the tarriffs are shown in full.

Mr Keith Wolstencroft

Very simple to switch and save money

Mr Julian Trimming

So easy and only took 5 minutes to complete.

Mr Anthony Harding

Very good and informative website, easy switching process

Mr Gary Syer

I used the site after watching the Gadget Show recommending customers look for a website marked consumer focused. It was quick, informative and easy to use, hopefully saving a me a lot of money

Mr Keith Waite

Excellent - so far. Simple and easy

Mr Martin Roberts

Me being a novice at internet I am pleased to say YOU DID VERY WELL!

Mr Bernard Strange


Mr Henry Little

Really easy to follow switch application!

Robert Jones

Very fast service I will be happy to see my new monthly payments lower than they are now.

Mrs Sharon Dawson

the site is easy to use and all relevant information is there

Mr Owen Lofthouse

A fantastic resource. Great to check bills daily, especially in this cold weather when we're portably all using more gas and electricity. Also helps to calculate future/up and coming bills.

Miss Scarlett


Mrs Sarbjit Kaur

Excellent website. Just discovered it for calculating my energy costs. It's accurate and so simple to use.

David Charnley

Seemed to be very efficient including a telephone call which was made to the helpline for clarification of details related to cancellation of Direct Debits. Time will tell whether the savings promised will be delivered!!

Mr Terence david Walton

Good, a straightforward site.

Mr Colin Westwood

every thing was straight forward and simple to do thank you a dawson

Mr Alan Dawson

very straight forward no problems easy to complete

Mr Robert Brookes

Dear Sir, I would just like to say that I use your Smart Meter website every month to monitor my outgoing costs. I consider myself as a computer Idiot but I have found it simple to use and the gas calculation from Cubic Feet to KWH is very helpful. Thanks, W.D.Walker

Winston Douglas Walker

Very easy and straightforward, the detailed cost calculation was also very useful in understanding how the price comparison was arrived at.

Mr Michael Wightman

Excellent, it's so easy

Mrs Helen Gamble

Easy and straight forward - many thanks

Trevor Gray

Very smooth transaction. No problems and much easier than by phone. Thanks.

Mr Joseph Brooks

great, easy to complete.

Mrs Linda Giles

that was quick and easy to do the switch and it should save quiet a bit of money



Mr Fausto Pinna

Very easy web site to use, highly recommended.

Mrs Wendy Mckean


Mrs Annette Smith

extremely effiecient and I would not hesitate to use again.

Mr John Boland

Dennis was absolutely brilliant and talked me through the parts I failed to understand. Very clear, concise and helpful. Thank you from Maggie Atkinson

Mr Michael Atkinson

So far so good! Good to see the actual unit rates rather than the complicated methods of pricing!

Mr Michael Wilson

Great comparison site excellent 'tools' for calculating costs of different suppliers tariffs. Helped me find the cheapest tariffs and made me realise I was paying 25% extra on a tariff that I thaught was cheaper then my last supplier... Keep up the good work!


Very easy switching process

Mr Terry Evans

straight forward no hassle switch, just what the doctor ordered, well done

Ms Lin Wymer

Application form very easy and quick to use - completed form while holding my baby!!!!

Mrs Sandra Wilson

Thanks for nice and easy uncomplicated process.

Mr Peter Hall

every fast and easy 2 use

Mr Robert Jones

very good and very easy

Ms Bevereley Plume

Thank you! Finally, a simple way to calculate my energy bills AND find out the unit costs from my energy supplier.

Jill Hallsworth

excellent so quick and easy thanks

Mrs Dorothy Henderson

Best laid out energy supply switching site I've experienced. All relevant info provided in clear and simple steps. Anticipate follow up will be as good.

Mr Victor Duncan

Very easy to switch and save some money

Mr Richard Smith

Very fast and easy to use website. saved over £200. Thank you

stacey james

That was easy so good so far.

Mr John Freeman

ive never had forms so easy as this to fill in thank you it was a pleasure

mrs s m phelps

Very straightforward and easy to use site. Scary how much more I was paying than I needed to!

Mr Robert Paulton

You did very well, so far. The comparisons were well set out and easy to understand. I look forward to having the change-over completed in a similar, painless manner.

Mr Brian Woolley

Easy to use site. Quickly arranged

Mr Christopher White

Very user friendly and quick.

Mr Shane Boyle

Brilliant service, chose the best deal at the time, so hope all goes well. Thank you N Meadows

Mr N Meadows


Mr Graham Stephens

Can it really be that easy to switch and save over £900 a year?

Mrs Susan Mitchener

Great website easy to use and very up to date information supplied.

Mrs Lauren Church

excellent.very easy and saving lots of money.seems to good to be true....thankyou very much.

val durnin

Thank you for making this switching process easy, simple and clear. Nuray

nuray bukhari

Data better presented than uswitch. Hopefully the switch will go smoothly

Mr Terry Taylor

quick and easy to use, simples!!

i scrimshaw

Fast , simple, very easy, my compliments.

D D Gillies

Dead easy!Spot on.

Mr Simon Vicary

So easy, did not feel any pain whatsoever !

T. Nash

Excellent. This website is so good, easy to use and information provided in a clear and concise manner

Mr John Rowell

Clear and concise info. Easy to use.

Mr Tim Cawkill

Site very easy to use

Mr Albert Mcauley

Smooth and efficient thank you.

Mr Gordon Wright

it could not of been simpler to change over from my old supplier ,so thanks once again and for saving us money.

david wallbank

very usefull and clear information

Mr Eric Hayward

Easy and simple to change after reviewing the savings calculated on annual gas and electricity usage

Mr Brian Woodward

Happy so far, very easy to do. I just hope the rest is as quick and easy. Regards Nigel

Mr Nigel Bedford

Excellent Web-site, provides full details of Gas & Electric Unit Rates and clear detailed cost calculations. Completing the Switch Application very quick & easy!! Hopefully, Atlantic will be able to effect the actual switch in a similarly simple and trouble-free manner!

Mr Arthur g Goodwin

The form was easy to complete and straight forward. If the switch is as efficient that will be excellent.

Mrs Connie Brown

Very easy to complete this transaction.

Dr Robert Callow


Mr Kenneth Evans

Quick and easy; thanks

Mr John Newman

Excellent. Easy to use and very simple process!

Mr David Blades

Extremely well. I'm saving £187 per annum which is nearly a third of my last year's bill. Well done!

Frederick Garrad

That was very simply done. Delight to have it made so clear and easy

Mrs Janet Rouse

quick and simple switch

Mrs Mary catherine Campbell

Thanks well that seemed easy a good amount of maoney saved should of done it ages ago.

Mrs Michelle Wallis

cheapest and easy application

Mrs Anne Easton

Very easy to use ! Thank you

Mrs Cherie Jacyk

If switch does get completed then it ciuld save me £37 per month, looking good.

Mr David Muir

you did good ! thank yous x very helpful and easy to do!

Miss Shelly Jervis

I was impressed with the application service so far.If the process completes as easily I shall certainly pass on my experience of your company to friends and relatives. K.M. Jones

Mr Kenneth Jones

very easy process thanks

denise anderson

I found your website extremely easy to follow and use, thank you.

Mr James f l. Simpson-manser

Easy and straighforward form completion

Henry Warwick

Service was easy to understand and use, much appreciated

Mr William Gordon

All was fine, details simple - just have to wait for the proicess to be completed fully

Mr Brian May

easy to switch, wish i'd done it ages ago!!

Miss Sharon Holmes

Simple and straightforward. thanks.

Dr Timothy Bush

Very good, easy to use. Saved me more than £200 this year.

Mrs Lilliane Giddings

Great savings! Easy form to fill in and double quick too.

John Holmes


Mrs Joan Wild



I am already with npower but I will save money on line, so if this is the case you did ok!

Mr Ian Horner

thanks for easy switch information.

john leadbeater

quick clear but no coffee machine many thanks


Very easy to use site.

Mrs Geraldine Holloway

You made it so easy to switch suppliers and I am saving money too so thank you very much! Alan Rudling

Mr Alan Rudling

quite straight forward & easy to understand tariff rates

Mr David Parr

very easy to switch

Mrs Eileen Bartholomew

easy to follow and well set out

mr m rose

very good, quick & easy

Mr Greg Smithers

The web site help me very much, thanks

Mr Marek Tomera

Simple and easy to switch supplier

Mr Ted Dickenson

VEry simple and painless process

Mrs Elaine Owens

Very simple & easy to follow instructions, if the savings work out as shown I will sabe £450/yr - sounds good to me!

Mr Kevin Irons

The second time I have used your services.I found it even better this time,Thankyou very much indeed.

Mr Peter Oldring

I found the form straight forward to use

Mrs Barbara Johnson

well done.........every penny counts............saved 271 pound :)

Mr Wayne Tristram

Pretty straightforward and easy to use. I have agreed to switch on 14th December 2009 - let's see how weel it goes from now!

Mr Jack Whyte


Mr Basil Ingram

superb site, very easy to use and gives the actual prices in plain english. Well done, Gary Baker

Mr Gary Baker

straight forward up to now

Mr Paul Gilbert

as a terrified user of these process's I was highly delighted with the ease and speed of my switch well done UK

Mr Stephen James

very good

Mr Miguel Belert

You did very well and your service was excellent my contract with british gas finishes 31/12/09 so would appreaciate change over as quick as possible thankyou

Mr Alexander Clephane

Well, up to now, that was easy. Let's see how we get on with the rest of the process!

Mr George Reid

Fast and easy, great choice of suppliers

Mr Dale Reid

excellent and easy.

Mr William Graham

Incredibly straightforward - thank you

Mr David Nelson

Excellent,easy to do.

Mr Albert Marsden

Found it straight forward to fill in, hopefully everything ok.

Mr Collin Phillipson

very pleased with your service , very simple to do

Mr Colin Eccles

speedy and easy

Mr Anthony Rigby

Website easy to use and very informative. Recommended by Martin Lewis on Jeremy Vine show BBC Radio 2

Peter Foley

Very Well. I tried "Confused " and their website was really confused.

John Firth

Straight forward to use. Gave great results. Took all of two minutes to change

Mr Graeme Whittaker

Clear instructions and easy to use site. Plus a big saving by switching £ 427 per year.

Mr Stephen Rees

Nice and easy. Thanks

Ian Gregg

Fantastic simple process that took minutes to complete. Out of all the comparison sites available UK POWER was the best for providing options and the details. Thomas Cooney Lancashire

Mr Thomas Cooney

Excellent service and very simple.

Mr Christopher Turner

Very good - simple to use/understand

Mick Crowder

Excellent - you have just saved me over £300pa. Thanks!



Mr Don Parker

Really clear, really easy to use, good service.

Mr Michael Ridley

The website is very clear and easy to use no prblems at all so far. Just need it to go through ok so we shall see how successful it is once that has happened

Mr Richard Bateman

Excellent, very easy to use web page.

Mr Keith Buckingham

Great so far! Easy to use site, and easy to change.Thanks

Mrs Pauline Leng-ward

Very good - very clear comparisons and no complicated procedures to follow. Hopefully switching date goes to plan.

Mr Joseph Lyons

simple and clear comparisons. excellent thanks

Mr Ian Rogers


Mr Leslie Barker

easiest switch website to use, well done!

Mr Nicholas Miles

Great. So easy to understand the different rate being charged. Much better than trying to work things out from the various companies websites.

Mr John Wilson

simple form which is a lot of help. No need to add unnecessary information. You add only the things that are required.

Mrs Khin Mya

It was so simple!

Mrs Mary Bradley-cox

very good

alan croft

Yoy made the comparison process easy and straightforward.

Mrs Elaine Hetherington

What a great little app.

Andy Foster

great, very easy to do and hopefully will save three hundred pounds over the year.

Mr Ronald Davies

Excellent service. Very quick and easy. Thank you

Mrs Gloria Mccabe

very straightforward application form,with no problems at all.

Mr Peter Foggon

Excellent, fast efficient and clear website, with all decisions easy to understand

Mr Joseph Tiernan

very easy many thanks

Mrs Cheryl Stevens

Excellent, very easy to use and understand.

Mrs Anne King

Having received my latest bill I was astounded at the increase. After going on-line UK Power saved me over £400! I then found the switch over so easy with virtual nothing for me to do.

Mr Gerry Faulkner

Fast and simple search and application.

Mr Harold Crear

clear and easy instrutions regarding transfer, just hope the savings proposed become factuaul, Thanks John

Mr John Lever

very easy to use

Miss Nicola Richardson

Only website that actually got my rates correct based upon my previous tariff with Southern Electric. Seamless process (thus far!)

Mr Bill Galloway

Very Good. An easy process.

Ms Barbara Christman

totally painless - well done

Mrs Dawn Melling

excellent - website very easy to use and follow step by step guide - thanks a lot for your help

Mr David Fielding

great thanks

Mr Wayne Bowe


Mr Nick Whitworth

simple to read and therefore understand. Very quick, very easy

Miss Alice Smith

Clear, simple and easy to follow.

Mr Paul Bevan

Comparing gas and electricity tariffs can be very confusing. I found this site clear and helpful.

Mr Graham Jukes

You made it so easy-----thank you

Mrs Delrae p Shelley

Simple, straight forward process.

Mr David Cooper

Got in touch after reading Martin Lewis.Your figures reassured me that I was doing the right thing in switching my energy supplier

George Wilkinson

If the saving is as good as it says I will be very happy with your service.

Mr Howard Beebe

Quick and easy to do.

Mr Peter Ball

Brilliantly. Thank you.

Mr Alan Pickstone

so easy to complete the application, hope the switch over is as easy. thanks.

Mr Philip Burton

Quick and painless

Mrs Ann Truhlar

handy to be able to keep up to date with costs

michael howes

Utter simplicity.

Mr David George

worth the search providing all runs smoothly with the switch

Mr Richard Liddy

Very efficient, good service

Mrs Nanette Garner

Easy to switch and helpful when I phoned.

Mr Jeffrey Young

very efficient indeed, hope everything else for the switch goes as smoothly

Mrs Carol Sutcliffe

Very straightforward and easy to understand. Well done!

Mr Richard h Cousins

Very well, simple, straightforward & quick, JD

Mr John Dodd

As a bit of a dipstick I managed to compleat the application form. Looking forward to my new suppler and I hope savings. Thank you.

Mr Stephen Hillyard


Mr Alistair Wright

A very informed site. I am considering a switch soon, and will be back. Thank you.

S Hillyard

Thank you

Miss Lucyna Markiewicz


Mr Derek Moore

found switch easey to complete look forward to hearing from u and hope to save money on my fuel bills

Mrs Gail Casson


Mrs Julie Pearson

Very easy to use and saved us £'s

Mr Richard Wilkins

The saving from changing to dual fuel is equivalent to a year's free electricity at my old tariffs!

Miss Hilary Barber

Information and presentation good, switching seems easy so far.

Mr Keith Blamey

Very clear and easy steps.....no stress:)

Mr Peter Axford

Very well. I have used your site several times and found it excellent.

Mr Alan Mansell

Can't believe how quick this was. Should have done it a while ago

Name withheld

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