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As Seen on TV

At UKPower we're dedicated to helping households save money by switching their gas and electricity. However, we also believe that having access to the correct knowledge is another vital tool in the war against rising energy prices. We often work with a variety of mainstream media companies to help spread the saving word - in fact you may have seen us around:

UKPower on BBC Breakfast - Big Six Price Increase

UKPower's resident energy expert Scott Byrom joined the BBC breakfast team to discuss the implications of the proposed Big Six price increase.

UKPower on BBC Breakfast - Small Energy Suppliers

When the UK's small energy suppliers began challenging the Big Six for market share, the BBC Breakfast team asked Scott Byrom to join them and explain what implications this could have for the domestic energy market.

UKPower on BBC Watchdog - Energy Saving Tips

Our resident energy expert Scott Byrom was approached by the BBC Watchdog team to provide expert tips and advice to help consumers save money on their home energy bills.

UKPower in the Press

As well as regular appearances on TV, also works closely with a number of media publications to provide an accurate market commentary on key energy topics. Below are a few examples of where you may have seen our comments appear across popular news websites.


British Gas 'planning 10% price rise' that will take average bills to £1,500 a year and pile pain onto families as winter set in

A number of publications including the Daily Mail sought the opinion of amid reports that British Gas are planning a 10% hike in energy prices this autumn.

Read the full article at The Daily Mail.


British Gas to increase energy bill by £120 a year

Following reports that British Gas customers could expect an average increase of £120 in their energy bills, The Express sought the expert opinion of Scott Byrom on the matter.

Read the full article at The Express.


Free energy? You’re better off switching provide data to show that British Gas' latest offer of free energy on a Saturday for it's smart meter customers may actually not be as good a deal as it sounds on the surface and you would probably be better off switching supplier.

Read the full article at The Sunday Times.


'We saved £150 on our annual bill': Campaigners call on householders to switch as energy prices rocket

Scott provides commentary on the need for consumers to take regular action against rising energy costs to keep the gas and electricity market competitive and to keep their own bills down.

Read the full article at This is Money.


The gas bill horror story

In an article from the Telegraph suggesting that energy billing errors are leaving approximately a quarter of all households out of pocket each year, is cited as a useful comparison tool to ensure you are on the cheapest tariff available to you.

Read the full article at The Telegraph.


British Gas: Half Of Energy Used By UK Business 'Wasted When Employees Aren't Working'

Within analysis showing that nearly half of all business energy usage occurs outside of working hours, John Altamura from provides advice for small businesses to help keep their energy overheads down.

Read the full article at The Huffington Post.


Meet the 86-year-old widow who’s spent 10 years living on a cruise ship

In this article The Telegraph used the expert knowledge at to generate energy bill figures and toi support their article.

Read the full article at The Telegraph.


BBC Business - Smart Meters

The Telegraph approached our resident energy expert Scott Byrom for his opinion when a three-bed household received a bill for over £50,000 for their gas.

Read the preview at BBC Business Live.


How wood burners helped cut our energy bill by £15,000 were able to assist the Telegraph in writing this article by providing them with figures and information on the UK energy industry.

Read the full article at The Telegraph.


Energy update, along with one of their partners, provided Bdaily with a number of statistics to help support their article which argues the merits of smaller energy suppliers.

Read the full article at Bdaily.