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Our business energy experts make it easy for you to save on your gas and electricity needs. Switch with us and save an average £1150 per year on your business energy bills.

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* Figures based on 8,254 contracts arranged in 2016 when compared to prices or renewal quotes of existing suppliers.

Here's an opportunity to reduce your business costs by at least £1,000 via our saving guarantee

There are lots of ways you can save – and if you choose three of them over a two-year period, we guarantee the saving will add up to at least £1,000. The real figure could easily turn out to be much higher, but if we fail and it does fall short we’ll make up the difference in cash.Saving-guarantee That’s how sure we are that we’ll make good on our promise.

Here are the seven saving opportunities:

  • Business gas
  • Business electricity
  • Business broadband
  • Business landline
  • Business mobile
  • Business insurance
  • Merchant services (aka Chip & Pin and PDQ)

As long as your business has premises you can test our ability to help you save. Make three switches over two years and you can’t fail to add £1,000 to your company's profits.

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*Saving guarantee terms & conditions:

  • This guarantee is provided by Make It Cheaper, the parent company of All references to business services relate to those provided by Make It Cheaper.
  • To be eligible for the £1,000 guarantee consumption must be over 25,000 kWh for electricity and over 60,000 kWh for gas. For annual electricity and gas consumption below these levels, a guarantee of £500 applies. For electricity and gas annual consumption below 5000kwh, a guarantee of £250 applies.
  • The saving guarantee is against out of contract and renewal rates only.
  • Guarantee relies on customer taking out 3 products within a 2-year period.
  • Limited to businesses with premises.
  • Customers must be willing to provide evidence, which will be advised by the Customer Service Team, to prove that we haven't saved them a minimum of £1,000 across 3 products.
  • Current customers are eligible for the guarantee if they take out two further products and can qualify savings.
  • Make It Cheaper reserves the right to withdraw the guarantee at any time.

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