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Below are articles covering a variety of topics such as how to compare, save money and deal with gas and electricity suppliers.

How to Reduce Your Electricity and Gas Direct Debits

By Graham Self

Has your gas and electricity supplier ever changed the amount of your Direct Debit payments? Have you felt that the new payment amounts are not reasonable but not known how to challenge them? Here we explain the ways to check what you should be paying and how to get your Direct Debit payments changed.

Top 10 Ways to Reduce Your Electricity and Gas Usage

By Graham Self

There are generally two reasons to be more energy efficient and reduce the amount of gas and electricity that you use. Save money on your electricity and gas bills or save the planet by producing less CO2. Tips on how to be energy efficient.

Business Energy Bills – The Importance of Regular Meter Readings

By Jane Plevey

Accurate gas and electricity bills are an important factor for business. Without regular meter readings, energy companies estimate usage and if more has been used more than estimated, businesses can find themselves with large, unexpected bills.

Business Gas and Electricity - Beware of Energy Contract Pitfalls

By Jane Plevey

There are many pitfalls that businesses can become victim of when they try to switch their business gas or business electricity supplier.

Energy Smart Meters Can Help Reduce Gas and Electricity Bills

By Graham Self

Switching your gas and electricity supplier can help households to reduce their energy prices. However, in addition to switching to a cheap energy supplier, consumers can also save money by being more energy efficient. One of the best ways of focusing the mind is to have a smart meter installed.