Energy Smart Meters Can Help Reduce Gas and Electricity Bills

By Graham Self

Switching your gas and electricity supplier can help households to reduce their energy prices. However, in addition to switching to a cheap energy supplier, consumers can also save money by being more energy efficient. One of the best ways of focusing the mind is to have a smart meter installed.

Smart meters work by recording your energy usage and also the cost of that energy. The data is then displayed either on the meter, or through a web based system at the energy supplier.

Energy companies have agreed that all households will have smart meters fitted by 2020. This is a long time away but if you want to get a gas and electricity smart meter before this, a new supplier has entered the market who offers smart meters as standard.

For a single sign-up cost, you can switch to First:Utility and they will exchange your current gas and electricity meters with an electricity smart meter and a gas smart meter.

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Benefits of energy smart meters

  1. See at a glance how much your gas and electricity is costing
  2. See the effects of turning off energy using devices
  3. Focus the mind to be more energy efficient
  4. Save money on your energy bills
  5. Monitor energy use and energy cost so that you don't get any nasty surprises

First:Utility do not offer the cheapest energy prices on the market, but they do claim that by changing your energy use with the smart meter, you will end up saving money.

If you do not want to switch to First:Utility, but would like to keep an eye on how much your gas and electricity is costing you, UKPower have developed a free electricity smart meter and gas smart meter tool.