£1 million Of Energy Could Be Derived from Waste

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Businesses and consumers across Britain who are looking at electricity prices might be interested to know that a company in Scunthorpe is saving more than £1 million by using energy generated from rubbish.

Tata Steel has signed a deal with a landfill company that will help reduce carbon emissions from the site by up to 4,000 tonnes a year.

Gases from the waste are used to power engines, which feed into a generator creating cheap electricity.

Tim Otlet, head of energy solutions at the landfill site, explains here, he said: "The gas arises when waste collected from local homes and businesses is buried at the site and degrades and breaks down over time.

"This natural degradation of waste results in the production of methane and carbon dioxide."

Imports from the electricity grid will be dramatically reduced if not completely unused according to Tata and are hoping that more businesses will follow in their footsteps to drive down the cost of electricity across the nation both domestically and in business.

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