'Gizmo gestures not enough'

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Government plans to introduce free visual electricity display units for households are good, but not good enough, one leading UK consumer body has said.

Yesterday the government introduced its Energy White Paper - and in it they announced their intention to provide the free units to all households obtaining new or replacement electricity meters to monitor their domestic energy usage.

The idea is that this will enable customers to minimise their carbon footprint.

Ed Mayo, chief executive of the National Consumer Council (NCC) feels that these proposals will not do enough to adequately tackle the problem.

"We welcome proposals to equip consumers with free visual electricity display units for households," he commented.

"However, gizmo gestures are not enough. These units will not give consumers the detailed information they need to reduce their energy bills and save the environment.

"NCC is calling for a smart meter replacement programme to be rolled out nationally as a matter of urgency. As a starting point, the regulator should be asked to ensure that all meter replacements and new connections use smart meters".

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