Green product levels 'increase'

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Increasingly levels in environmental awareness among UK consumers is causing financial providers to look at new ways in which they can include 'green' products into their offerings, a market expert has said.

Duncan Bowker, from Co-operative Financial Services, says that the growing prevalence of ethical consumerism and increased determination to lower motoring carbon footprints has caused people to switch on to products such as eco-friendly car insurance.

"I think motorists now are becoming more aware of how their driving affects climate change," Mr Bowker commented.

"There are less and less incentives for people to go out and buy the non-eco vehicles. There are going to be more financial incentives for people to buy eco vehicles.

Mr Bowker continued by saying that there was "growing concern" among consumers that they "need to do more" to manage their own individual carbon footprint.

"When you look at the increase in ethical consumerism per se, across varying sectors, year on year, that is just increasing and increasing and increasing," he added.

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