Freak weather conditions leads to claims rise

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A total of 8,600 insurance claims were made yesterday (Monday), as many parts of the UK were hit by severe flooding, a new report claims.

The study, from Abbey Insurance, compares this total to the amount of claims usually made on account if flooding - which stands at around 13,700 every year.

Yesterday 3,200 claims were made as a direct result of flooding, 5,100 claims were made after damage caused by storms and 210 were made following damage caused by lightening.

"If you are expecting or currently experiencing flooding, protect as many of your belongings as possible by moving them upstairs. If you can, use sandbags to prevent water coming into the home," Prasad Shastri, head of Insurance Marketing at Abbey, said.

"Although warnings were issued that there could be potential flooding, the scale of the damage has come as quite a shock. Many people will be looking to make claims on their home insurance so it is advisable that everyone who would like to make a claim look into doing so as quickly as possible."

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