TalkTalk introduce 'cheap' broadband option

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TalkTalk has announced that it will offer 'free' broadband at a price of £5.89 per month on its 'Talk2 International' tariff.

The tariff also includes unlimited evening and weekend calls in the UK to 36 international destination. Broadband has now been added to the deal - at up to 8Mb and with a monthly download limit of 40GB.

Including line rental at £10.50, the total cost of the tariff is £16.39 per month, with a one-off connection fee of £29.99. Customers must also sign up for a minimum of 18 months also.

"This is fantastic news for the consumer. TalkTalk has decided to continue its price war with BT and has introduced a great value bundle product. Previously, free broadband was only available on the more expensive 'Talk3 International' tariff," said Karen Derby, chief executive at a leading UK consumer site.

"Customers will now receive free broadband with the 'Talk2 International' tariff, a deal that's cheaper because it only includes free evening and weekend calls. Because 'Talk2' excludes daytime calls in favour of a lower monthly price, it will better suit the calling habits, and wallets, of thousands of UK households."

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