Homeowners moving house 'every four years'

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Britons are becoming increasingly nomadic, moving house every four years in order to get on the property ladder, according to new research by Birmingham Midshires (BM).

BM tracked the house moving habits of people currently looking to buy a home.

It found that 17 per cent expected to move within four years, with the majority of 26 per cent intending to stay at their new place for between four and seven years.

And only seven per cent of people reported that they thought they would be living in their property for over 25 years.

The most restless homeowners come from the capital, with close to 30 per cent of Londoners expecting to be staying in their house for under three years.

In the North, this figure dropped to just over ten per cent.

The young are also the likeliest group to move, with 46 per cent estimating they will spend less than three years at the home they've just bought.

Men were also more eager to settle down than women with ten per cent willing to stay put at their current homes for over 25 years, compared to four per cent for women.

Research was carried out by website YouGov on 2,438 people in April 2007.

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