Pet insurance 'recommended' for owners

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The more well-educated pet owners are about their animals, the more likely they are to take out pet insurance, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) claims.

Rebecca Ralph, a spokesperson for the animal cruelty prevention charity, says that pet owners can often be caught out by unforeseen injuries and illnesses - and that many pet owners do not realise how expensive it can be to keep an animal.

"We would urge people to take out pet insurance as part of being a responsible pet owner to make sure they are prepared for unforeseen veterinary bills that may come up from time to time," she commented.

"A lot of people - when they're taking on a pet - don't actually consider how expensive it can be to own an animal.

"If for example you have a cat, potentially you could have that cat for 16 years or even more. That's a long time and things can go wrong and there will be occasions when you need to go to the vet. "

"Really we encourage people to take vet insurance as part of being responsible."

She continued by saying that pet owners need to make sure they are as well-informed as possible before taking on a new animal.

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