Inefficient heating systems 'costing' householders

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Houses and offices with inefficient heating systems could be adding thousands of pounds onto homeowners' and businesses' energy bills, it has been claimed.

Householders could be forking out an extra £240 per year each on gas bills - meaning a total of £2.1 billion a year is unnecessarily wasted on gas supplies Having an inefficient boiler can result in £4 of every £10 spent on gas supplies being wasted, says information site Finance Daily.

"People are increasingly aware of the cost of out of date boilers, both in terms of higher energy bills and the impact on the environment," Gary McCausland from the property programme How to be a Property Developer, tells the website.

"A new heating system is an investment which can create value twice the cost of the installation."

Finance Daily claims that energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important to UK homebuyers, with 63 per cent stating that they would pay more for an energy efficient home.

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