Green Party calls for renewable energy payments

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The Green Party says that homeowners who generate their own energy through renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, should receive higher payments.

Households that sell energy back to the National Grid should receive more money from utility companies, says Green Party member Sian Berry.

Ms Berry says that people who currently sell energy back to the grid are paid a "derisory" rate for the energy they return - despite the fact that they pay the same amount as everyone else for the electricity they do use.

"You could be exporting more electricity than you actually use and yet you are still getting a bill," Ms Berry told the BBC News website

"Some of the time, people will be exporting electricity," she added.

"For example, in the daytime when it's sunny, they might be at work and not using any electricity, so it will go to the National Grid. They'll be paid for that, but a really derisory rate - whatever the electricity company feels like giving them."

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