UK energy customers 'more worried about environment than their finances'

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Energy customers in the UK are more concerned about the environment and global warming than their personal finances, according to new research.

The study by E.ON UK also found that two thirds of adults would like to use green electricity but do not want to pay more on their energy bills for the privilege.

It was also revealed that less than four in ten people supported the concept of individual carbon provisions, while half of the survey's participants felt no one was taking a strong decisive lead on the issue.

Commenting on the findings, E.ON UK's chief executive Dr Paul Golby said: "It'll cost us billions of pounds to lower carbon emissions in the UK and a big part of how we can do that is by getting customers to use less electricity - and we have to take individual responsibility for that.

"This is not a battle that the power industry can win alone."

E.ON UK has around eight million household gas and electricity customers across the UK and serves around 13,000 commercial and industrial customers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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