Businesses urged to reduce footprint

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The Carbon Trust has called on the UK's businesses to make a concerted effort to reduce their carbon footprint, reports the Journal.

Currently a carbon calculator is being developed by which businesses can gauge the amount of carbon they are creating and can learn about ways to reduce it.

Up to £350 million could be saved by businesses this winter if they simply enacted measures such as energy-saving lightbulbs.

Measures such as these could cut down on carbon emissions by up to 2.7 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Tom Delay, chief executive of the Carbon Trust, was quoted in the paper as saying: "This initiative is a timely reminder that acting on CO2 makes perfect business sense.

"We want all businesses to take advantage of our new, free online carbon footprint calculator to help them measure and ultimately reduce their carbon emissions. Businesses that act will quickly reap the benefits of improving their bottom line while increasing competitiveness."

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