Broadband 'becoming the norm' across the UK

Broadband is increasingly becoming the normal connection for households across the UK, according to the Internet Service Providers Association.

A spokesman for the body said that as more and more people who used broadband regularly at school leave education, faster internet connections are becoming a necessity.

He added that as the market for broadband grows, many businesses are transferring their services onto the internet as much more is possible with a service faster than dial-up.

"In the days of dial-up in the UK, we had lots of technologies that were possible, but not over a 56K connection," he explained.

"Broadband has made these web technologies [possible] – such as streaming media, such as telephone over the internet, such as not only downloading movies and music but also consuming movies and music."

In September, the Office of National Statistics released research claiming that over 88 per cent of UK internet connections were now via broadband, a rise of over two per cent on the same figure in June.

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