Energy supplier welcomes nuclear power decision

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Energy supplier E.ON has welcomed the government's decision to build a new generation of nuclear power stations.

The company also revealed that it is in talks to support Areva and Westinghouse's designs for the new reactors, while it has stated that the new power stations will help the UK tackle climate change.

Dr Paul Golby, chief executive of the gas and electricity provider, said that the company was "keen" to be involved in the replacement of older power stations.

"New nuclear power stations can make a very real impact in the battle against global warming and ensure that we as a country are less reliant on imported gas, particularly as world oil and gas prices continue to increase relentlessly," he explained.

"In addition to renewables, gas and cleaner coal, we now welcome new nuclear generation as an essential part of a diverse and secure power supply for our UK customers."

E.ON's rival npower also praised the plans, with the company's chief executive, Andy Duff, stating that nuclear power could play "a key role" in the government's plans to reduce carbon emissions.

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