Start of the year 'the best time to review finances'

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The start of the year is the best time for consumers to review their finances, including credit card and loan deals, according to a leading expert.

Donald Macleod, head of cards at Sainsbury's Bank, stated that many financial services providers promote "great deals" at this time of year, meaning that people may be able to take advantage of new offers to manage their debt better.

He said: "Now is the time of year to sit down and look at your finances. You've got all your Christmas spend out of the way, so you know what you've spent – your credit card bill will be coming in now.

"Appraise where you are and see if there's a better way of handling that debt; look at loans, look at restructuring, the zero per cent interest rates out there."

Recent research by Sainsbury's Bank found that over 25 million people expect to take one month to clear debts built up through the Christmas period.

The study also found that over 400,000 people expect to take over a year to deal with their debt situation.

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