Parents urged to open a pension alongside CTF

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Parents have been told by an independent financial advisory firm that opening a pension for their youngsters alongside their child trust fund (CTF) is "a great idea".

Anna Bowes, investments manager at AWD Chase de Vere, said that while children may not initially be happy about it, they will be "much more grateful" when they have money set aside for later life.

She added that it also means the child may not do anything irresponsible with the money, which they could do when they get their hands on CTF funds at age 18.

"Just because it's investing for your child doesn't mean you have to put the money into something that says 'child'. You just need a plan of action," she added.

"If you keep [money] in your name then you don't have to give it to them when they're 18."

Under government rules, children born on or after September 1st receive £250 from the state to start their CTF.

A maximum of £1,200 a year can be invested in the account by a child's friends and family.

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