Credit card shoppers 'need to understand whole product'

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People who are shopping around for a credit card deal have been told to ensure they understand the whole product before committing themselves to a product.

Money education charity Credit Action has also told people to ensure they can afford to pay off amounts that they are borrowing on a card by the following month.

Chris Tapp, director of the body, compared the practice of shopping for plastic to buying a car.

"You do not just compare one aspect of the car. You do not just compare top speed, you compare how many miles to the gallon you are going to get and these types of things," he explained.

"Make sure that you are doing that with credit cards."

Last month, the Office of Fair Trading released research which found that around 70 per cent of credit card holders do not shop around before selecting their plastic.

The report added that such a move could be leaving many card users at a financial disadvantage.

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