Drivers urged to shop around for insurance

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Both male and female motorists have been urged by a women's insurance provider to shop around for the best car insurance products available to them.

Sheilas' Wheels has stated that it is key for drivers of either gender to compare deals in order to ensure they get a quality product as well as a good price for their car premiums.

Niki Bolton, spokesperson for the provider, added that women generally have very different claims to those of their male counterparts.

"Women are statistically safer drivers; they have very different types of accidents and claims," she explained.

"So you're more likely to have the closer-to-home, bumps and scrapes and lower value claims, rather than men who tend to have larger accidents on motorways, more fatalities, more involvement with third parties."

According to figures from the Home Office, male drivers accounted for 94 per cent of all car accidents involving death or bodily harm between 1999 and 2003.

The research also found that men were also involved in 97 per cent of dangerous driving convictions during the same time period.

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