Broadband customers 'should think about paying more'

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An online self-help service has stated that broadband users should consider paying more for the internet deals.

Broadband Choices has stated that such a move could improve the customer service experience for those who are willing to pay more money towards their connection.

Michael Phillips, the service's product director, explained that competition for internet service providers (ISPs) to offer cheap deals could be causing a downturn in such service.

He said: "ISPs will cut back on service levels to try and make those very low cost levels profitable.

"What you then end up with is a situation where you've got disappointed customers and ISPs which we've seen probably haven't got the best service packages for their price point."

A recent study by uSwitch found that around eight million broadband customers are not sure if they are on the best deal offered by their provider.

It also found that value for money is one of the most important factors for consumers.

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