1.2m 'have no problem with lying about insurance'

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Over a million people have said that they do not believe it is wrong to lie when making a claim on their insurance, according to research.

The study by RSA found that 1.2 million consumers do not view the issue as a serious offence.

It was also found that 74 per cent of people think that committing insurance fraud could void their policy, while two thirds believe they would have to pay back claim payments in the event of being found out.

John Beadle, RSA's counter fraud manager, said: "The reality is that insurance fraud adds a significant amount to overall claim costs and it's the honest policyholders who are the true victims.

"Fraud adds an additional five per cent onto their insurance bills."

Research by Sainsbury's Bank recently found that 11 million pet owners in the UK do not have insurance for their animals.

It was revealed that one in two owners feel they do not need it, while ten per cent think it is too expensive for them.

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