Credit cards 'are user-friendly'

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Credit cards have been described by an expert as both "incredibly flexible" and "user-friendly".

Donald MacLeod, head of cards at Sainsbury's Credit Cards, has stated that despite some media comment suggesting otherwise, such products can be useful tool for consumers.

He explained: "For example, I could go away and buy something for £1,000 this weekend and pay it off ten days later, and avoid any interest, if I had those funds available.

"So it gives me a line of credit and allows me to buy things and pay them off, and I can do that quite sensibly and avoid lots of user charges."

He added that reward schemes on credit cards could also give consumers further benefits.

Last year, research by APACS found that the number of people in the UK with credit or charge cards stood at over 30 million.

The same study found that the total amount of money spent on plastic cards in 2006 stood at £354.2 billion.

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