Study highlights small-scale wind potential

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Small-scale wind energy projects could save the UK around 0.6 million tonnes of carbon emissions, according to new research.

The study by the climate change advice body Carbon Trust also estimated that 0.4 per cent of the UK's total energy consumption could be produced if ten per cent of households installed the technology.

It was also found that the best places for turbines to be built are in rural areas, as wind speeds are generally higher in such regions.

Malcolm Wicks, the UK's energy minister, stated that microgeneration technology like wind turbines can "turn the concerned individual into an active citizen in the fight against climate change".

"We are currently working to ease the planning rules for small wind turbines so more homeowners can install them with the minimum of fuss," he added.

A previous study by the Carbon Trust found that UK industry is collectively wasting around £7 million a day due to poor levels of energy efficiency.

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