Parents 'would buy house' to secure favoured school

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As the new academic year begins this week, figures claim that nearly one-fifth of kids will not be enrolling at the school of their choice.

The Department for Children, Schools and Families data revealed a further seven per cent of kids did not get one of their top-three choices.

However, Sheilas' Wheels home insurance claims that its latest research found that parents are prepared to go to "extreme lengths" to secure their school of choice.

Five per cent of parents with children aged between four and 16 said they would buy a property within the catchments area if it guaranteed a place.

Nearly one in ten admitted they would try and "sweet-talk" the headmaster.

Jacky Brown, a spokeswoman for the firm's home insurance department, said "Our research reveals that parents would rather move house and resort to other extreme measures, rather than appeal for their child to attend their first choice of school.

The firm claims to have "shaken up" the women's car insurance market when it formed in October 2005.

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