'One degree can save ten per cent'

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Turning the central heating down by one degree can save ten per cent on energy bills, it has been revealed.

Paula Owen, energy doctor at the Energy Saving Trust, said changing the way a house is heated can make a measurable difference to heating bills - cutting them by around ten per cent a year - while being virtually unnoticeable.

According to the organisation, temperatures in living areas of the home should be kept between 18 and 21 degrees unless children or the elderly are present.

Hot water tank thermostats should also be set at a maximum of 60 degrees to avoid wasting money, the expert said.

Ms Owen suggested that electric radiators only be turned on when rooms are in use.

Figures from the organisation have shown the average household could save around £300 a year by adopting a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

A report released by the Communities and Local Government committee in April 2008 stated that the average home in the UK emits 1.6 tonnes of CO2 each year - twice that of a new build property.

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