Rising energy prices 'leading wood-burner resurgence'

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The rising energy prices have led to an increase in the sales of wood burning stoves in Scotland, according to new figures.

Demand for the traditional appliances has risen by 40 per cent in 2008, according to the Scotsman.

Over the time period, energy prices have risen by 38 per cent.

Bill Stephen, from Aberdeen Chimney Lining, told the newspaper that most people contacting his firm wanted to "slash" their energy bills through the use of dual-fuel wood burners.

He added that demand is outstripping supply, saying you "just can't make them fast enough".

"Last year, in this area, people were paying £900 for their winter oil, while now they are looking at £1,800 to £2,000, whereas, people [with wood-burning stoves] can go out to the country and virtually help themselves to wood which is lying around," said Mr Stephen.

The Suffolk Free Press recently reported that villagers from Lavenham were hoping to encourage local farmers to grow willow and poplar, which could be cropped and used to fuel wood burners.

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