Disposable income 'slashed by nearly 30% in two years'

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The average Briton now has only 25 per cent of their salary left each month after paying out for essentials such as food, bills and mortgage or rent.

Research from Abbey shows that disposable income has fallen by 2.9 per cent from two years ago, from £541 to £382.

One in ten people now has to spend 90 per cent of their income on essential out-goings, leaving just ten per cent for discretional spending.

The heftiest outgoing is mortgage or rent payments, which takes up 23.7 per cent of the average paycheck.

Expenditure on food and bills follows at 16 per cent each.

Head of Abbey credit cards Callum Gibson said: "With the cost of living increasing so dramatically in the past two years, in particular the cost of essentials such as food and bills, it's important to make sure you budget effectively and economise wherever you can."

Meanwhile, a survey has revealed that men are secretly spending 55 per cent more than women.

The research from fairinvestment.com suggests that men keep quiet about spending £42 per month, compared with the £27 per month women keep quiet from their partners.

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