E.ON proposes new green energy scheme

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E.ON has outlined new proposals for a wind farm based in West Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Windpower, which is a joint venture between leading energy supplier E.ON and Energy Power Resources Limited, is set to submit new plans for the Ovenden Moor wind farm to Calderdale council.

Under the proposals, the current set-up, which consists of 23 turbines generating 9.2 megawatts of power, will be replaced by one with ten turbines, which will create 23 megawatts.

The new scheme would be capable of producing energy for an estimated 13,000 homes.

Elizabeth Ambrose, project developer at E.ON, said the Ovenden turbines had been "supplying reliable, clean, green power for over 15 years".

She added: "But the fact of the matter is that turbine technology has moved on and we can now produce twice as much power with half as many turbines, which makes sense to us and will hopefully make sense to the council as well."

E.ON recently announced it would be offering an Early Warning System to its most vulnerable older customers over the winter months.

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