Brits 'confused about gas and electricity bills'

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Households across the UK are confused about their gas and electricity bills, the energy spokesman for the Scottish Conservatives has said.

Gavin Brown claims that energy prices are something he finds his constituents complaining about "fairly frequently".

He added that one problem is the fact that "every energy company claims to be cheaper than the other", stating that consumers find it difficult to establish how their gas or electricity bills are made-up.

This can lead to people being confused over whether or not to change their energy provider, he said.

Mr Brown stated: "A number of consumers have been in touch saying 'we switched because they said they were cheaper' but then their energy bills turned out to be the same or in some cases a little bit higher."

David Cameron recently unveiled plans to install energy smart meters in all homes across the UK.

This move was welcomed by the Energy Retail Association, which claimed the smart meters are the "cornerstone for energy saving in the home".

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