Microgeneration could reduce energy prices

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The widespread use of small wind turbines could reduce the cost of electricity for households and stimulate the economy with increased exports, it has been claimed.

According to edie.net, the majority of small wind turbines are exported from the UK, and supporting this fledgling market could boost the economy by £750 million in a decade.

The website states that using more domestic microgeneration technologies could cut the cost of electricity for consumers, the website states.

Small turbines can create as much as 50kW of power, but planning constraints and stringent noise pollution laws are stopping them from becoming popular.

Alex Murley, small systems manager at the British Wind Energy Association, said: "The potential is there - we only have to reach out and support it. But all this is only possible if we support it in the right way and if we manage and sustain the market."

Meanwhile, the European Commission is expected to give the go-ahead for the creation of a £132 million fund for a new offshore renewable energy power station.

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