Energy efficient light bulbs discussed in parliament

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The latest developments in energy efficient lighting have been discussed in the House of Commons.

Joan Ruddock, under-secretary of state for energy and climate change, claimed that the government recognised the important role energy-efficient lighting technologies, such as LED bulbs, could play in tackling climate change.

She added that her office was in contact with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs about the potential of the new technology.

"We continue to work to stimulate development and take-up, and officials in the two departments have worked, and will continue to work, together on this issue," she said.

"That is why we have put some LED products on to our energy technology product list," she added.

Researchers at Cambridge University have just developed an LED light bulb which can last for up to 60 years.

The LEDS use a gallium nitride semiconductor to create the light and are smaller than a millimetre.

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