Wallace and Gromit energy ad wins award

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Gas and electricity provider nPower's TV advert starring animated favourites Wallace and Gromit has won Utalkmarketing.com's People's Choice Award.

The advert topped the news provider's weekly poll which sees members of the public being asked about which campaign would make them buy a product or service, winning 20 per cent of the vote.

During the ad, which was created by Beattie McGuinness Bungay (BMB), Gromit calls nPower's hometeam out to install a new modern boiler into the pair's home.

Wallace is seen in the shower, the first time he has appeared nude.

Commenting at the time of the ad's release, Bil Bungay, a founder of BMB, said: "Wallace was superb to work with, he admitted to having laid off the Wensleydale for a couple of weeks prior to the shoot and it showed."

nPower has stated that it hoped the 30 second campaign makes people think about saving energy and realise how simple it can be.

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