Ceres Power develops cheap electricity generator

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British technology research firm Ceres Power claims to have produced a new fuel cell which could change the way the world generates electricity.

Trials have shown that when the fuel cell is installed in a boiler-type device it can reduced electricity costs by 90 per cent and slash carbon emissions by half.

Ceres Power have been working on the technology for more than a decade and the company expects to start production of the fuel cell by the end of the year.

Peter Bance chief executive of the firm, said: "A lot of people think that to go green they need to really change their lifestyle but with this you do not have to change at all.

"All the customer does is turn it on and it does its stuff."

The cell produces a constant flow of electricity when natural gas is passed over one side and air is passed over the other.

Ceres Power secured a manufacturing facility in Horsham for its new fuel cell technology in March of this year.

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