Inefficient government buildings push up energy costs

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Around a third of government buildings may be unnecessarily wasting energy and pushing up the cost of electricity paid for by the taxpayer, it has been claimed.

According to a new report from the Guardian, one of the worst offenders is the Department for Energy and Climate Change (DECC), which is one of 100 government buildings to score a G rating under the energy performance certificate regime.

Speaking to the news provider, a spokesperson for the department said that improvements were underway and that the building already uses electricity generated from renewable sources.

They added: "We are also looking into methods of improving the building's energy efficiency, such as introducing additional motion and daylight sensors, upgrading downlighters and fluorescent tubes and upgrading the fans system and boiler sequencing system."

However, Greg Clark, shadow energy and climate change secretary, criticised the government for failing to house the department in a more energy efficient building.

Meanwhile, the DECC has given its full support to the roll-out of smart meters to every home in the UK.

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