Major project to boost British coal power

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A major project is under way to clean up British coal power stations and bring them up to the standard expected by the National Grid, it has been reported.

According to the Engineer, many countries are now constructing new, cleaner coal fired power stations, but the UK currently has none.

The news provider states that those which do exist would fail to meet the National Grid Code on energy supply.

However, E.ON is working to address the issue by embarking on a project with the University of Birmingham and Scottish Power Generation, which will bring critically important power plants up to the standard expected.

This will allow existing power plants to pick up the slack when other electricity generators go offline.

Jihong Wang, of Birmingham University, said: "Electricity generation, distribution and transmission is a complicated set of processes.

Meanwhile, the UK government has called for four demonstration carbon capture plants to be built in an attempt to clean up Britain's energy sector.

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