CRC scheme 'may not result in carbon cuts'

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There is a risk the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme will not result in businesses cutting their carbon output, it has been suggested.

According to a spokesman for the Centre for Alternative Technology, the scheme - which could be used in combination with a tariff from a cheap dual fuel provider in order to bring down costs - should not let firms buy carbon credits instead of cutting their emissions.

"This kind of trading scheme usually results in some companies making massive profits and little or no reduction in carbon emissions," he warned.

The representative also described the situation whereby public organisations and private businesses are competing in the same carbon market as "problematic", as it means council and other bodies could buy carbon credits from enterprises using taxpayers' money.

Businesses currently have under 50 days left to register for the CRC scheme, which closes on September 30th having launched on April 1st.

Posted by Anne Yevel

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