Could switch of energy supplier help to set an example?

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A switch of energy supplier may be just one factor that could help a household to drive down its energy bills and set an example to children.

Research by AlertMe found more than a third of parents with young kids do not show their sons and daughters how to enjoy cheap gas and electricity invoices through their own actions.

Another 37 per cent admit they have made no effort to become green, eco-friendly citizens.

Those wishing to change their ways might find the best place to start is by making a switch of energy supplier, before cutting consumption of power in the home through a variety of techniques.

Mary Turner, chief executive at the organisation, states: "This is about eliminating waste, not sacrificing convenience and comfort."

A spokesperson for B&Q recently said one way to cut energy use is to add insulation, particularly in the loft where a significant amount of heat often escapes.

Posted by Richard Eden

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