Opting to switch energy supplier 'could bring down outgoings'

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Choosing to switch energy supplier could be one way that households bring down their expenditure in 2011.

Director of Informed Choice Martin Bamford said recent research from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has indicated those who rely heavily on credit cards to fund their expenditure may be in for a difficult year.

One way of potentially bringing down outgoings to free up more cash to pay off unsecured debt is to switch energy supplier and opt for a provider that offers improved rates.

Mr Bamford also advised setting a budget - something that the cost of utilities should be factored into - and noted doing so could be an "uncomfortable experience for some families".

Richard Thompson of PwC observed interest rates on borrowing could be set to rise by as much as three per cent over the next four years, meaning the average UK household would need a further £1,800 per year to cover interest payments.

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