Consumers urged to compare electricity bills after using spray foam

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Homeowners may like to compare their electricity bills before and after using special spray foam to fill in and insulate any cracks, gaps or openings in their properties.

The Galway Advertiser advises the foam is the best value insulation product on the market – meaning it does more for the money than techniques such as lining attics and ceilings with material.

It can be applied to pipes and tanks to prevent them from freezing, while it is equally adept on the roof of a building.

Perhaps the greatest advantage is the noticeable impact it is designed to have on energy efficiency levels, with the newspaper suggesting when it is used in new homes it can save 50 per cent of the total fuel consumed.

This is likely to have an effect on the size of bills people receive from dual fuel providers.

Such an option may particularly appeal to the over-55s, as Age UK Enterprises this week said this group is typically paying an extra £30 a month on bills compared with September 2010.

Posted by Anne Yevel

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