Switch of energy supplier 'is not only way to cut bills'

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Some Britons may consider a switch of energy supplier to be the most effective way of cutting home fuel bills.

However, the Independent notes there is a huge variety of ways to reduce power consumption and, as a result, the amount households pay each month.

The newspaper starts by recommending a £12 investment in a device that takes televisions and games consoles out of standby mode when they are not being used, with the tool said to save £40 a year.

"Switching off lights, using low-energy lighting and only boiling the water you need in a kettle are other ways of cutting bills," it continues.

And adding insulation to walls and ceilings is another surefire way to cut down on the amount of energy a home leaks over a sustained period of time.

Tara Evans, writing for This is Money, recently explained all six of the UK's major power providers have raised their prices since November last year – perhaps emphasising the need for consumers to seek the best tariff.

Posted by Richard Eden

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