Government electricity market reform plans "unworkable"

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The head of policy at one of the big six energy companies has claimed that government plans to reform the electricity market are "unworkable," according to an article published by the Guardian.

Keith MacLean, head of policy at Scottish and Southern Energy, stated: "These proposals are too complex - they are unworkable, and they are looking even more like a train wreck."

Firms specialising in renewable energy - including SSE - have written to energy secretary, Ed Davey, stating that they believe the reforms will deter investment in renewable energy - instead of promoting it - making the country's renewable targets difficult to achieve.

MacLean went on to forecast that the proposals would ultimately affect households the most.

He said: "This will expose consumers even more to price volatility. It's taking the risk of volatility away from the generators, who are best equipped to deal with it, and passing it on to consumers.

"The only logic we can see in this is that they (ministers) are still trying desperately to hide the nuclear support. They seem to be prepared to make life more difficult for renewables in a last-ditch effort to keep the nuclear option open," he added.

Amongst the other firms urging Davey to amend the policy are Ecotricity, Good Energy, Renewable Energy Systems, Natural Power and Fred Olsen Renewables.

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