A fifth of British households in debt over energy bills

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New research shows that one in five households is in debt over energy bills and owes around £624 million as gas and electricity prices rise, according to a leading UK newspaper.

The debt, owed to electricity and gas companies, calculates at around £126 per household.

The figure is lower than last year but 10.5 per cent higher than in 2008 where the average was £114.

According to a leading website, gas prices have risen this year and the average gas bill now stands at around £1, 132 per year.

22 per cent of people do not plan to take any further action, while only ten per cent are considering a repayment plan with their gas and electricity suppliers.

Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy at the company which released the figures, said: “Almost two in ten households are in debt to energy suppliers. Now prices are going back up again, this is a real concern.”

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