2009 August news archive

31 August

Energy prices are 'too high'

Consumers believe energy prices are too high and that suppliers are not doing enough to cut the cost of domestic bills.

27 August

Cheaper electricity and gas could be here to stay

The recent fall in energy prices could be more permanent than some analysts have predicted, it has been claimed.

26 August

Electricity costs ignored as bulb hoarding begins

A number of retailers in the UK have reported a rise in the number of consumers hoarding standard 100 watt bulbs ahead of them being outlawed by the European Union.

25 August

Consumer groups call for cheaper electricity and gas

Consumer groups in the UK have called on electricity and gas suppliers to reduce their customers' energy bills further.

24 August

Competition investigation could cut energy costs

Electricity firms have been threatened with a competition investigation - which could force down the cost of electricity for consumers considering switching supplier.

23 August

Energy price war pushes down cost of electricity and gas

Those looking for the cheapest energy tariffs online may be interested to hear that the cost of electricity and gas at two major suppliers has been slashed.

20 August

Scrappage scheme for inefficient appliances

Other than switching energy suppliers online, reducing the cost of electricity bills in the home can be a daunting task.

19 August

Using washing lines could slash electricity bills

Householders in Britain could save around £720 million a year on their energy bills by using a washing line to dry their clothes instead of a tumble dryer, it has been claimed.

18 August

Households bills to rise to pay for new nuclear

Switching energy supplier online could be the only way consumers avoid rises in their energy bills as the energy industry plans increasing tariffs to pay for the next generation of nuclear power plants.

17 August

Consumers can 'cut bills with carbon counters'

Consumers considering switching their energy supplier to try and get a cheap electricity or gas deal can also reduce their energy bills by using a carbon emissions counter, it has been claimed.

16 August

Energy firms told to offer consumers 'peace of mind'

Energy companies have been told by Ofgem to offer their customers peace of mind and rebuild their confidence in Direct Debit payments.

13 August

RWE Npower profits from lock-in tariffs

RWE Npower saw its profits climb by 20 per cent in the six months to the end of June, rising to £2.91 billion despite revenues falling by one per cent.

12 August

Warning over price competition problems from E.ON

E.ON has warned Ofgem that new rules aimed at making energy prices fairer could stifle competition in the marketplace.

11 August

Nuclear plans could push up cost of energy bills

The cost of creating a new fleet of nuclear power stations in the UK could push up energy bills for consumers, it has been claimed.

10 August

Energy regulator backs customers over energy prices

The UK's energy regulator has come to the aid of electricity and gas customers by asking the big six suppliers to be honest about any tariff changes they expect to make this winter.

09 August

Consumers demand electricity and gas price-hike warnings

Consumers have called on energy suppliers to give them plenty of warning before they put the cost of their tariffs up, it has been claimed.

06 August

Consumers in rented accommodation should switch suppliers

Homes in the private rented sector are not usually the most energy efficient on the property market.

05 August

£10,000 loans for greener homes

Homeowners looking to dramatically reduce their energy bills by making their homes greener will be able to access up to £10,000 in government loans.

04 August

Price war good for tariff switchers

Now is a good time for people to log onto price comparison sites and start switching their energy supplier.

03 August

Consumer groups demand cheap electricity and gas

Consumer groups have called for energy tariffs to be slashed following British Gas's announcement that its profits had soared by 80 per cent.

02 August

Ofgem demands cheaper electricity for consumers

Ofgem has said it is to limit investment in next generation electricity and gas infrastructure so that energy bills do not rise by more than £4 a year.