2010 April news archive

29 April

Cheap electricity needs to drive energy efficiency changes?

Demand for buildings that use low amounts of energy is on the rise as owners look to benefit from cheap electricity bills.

28 April

Spend money saved on cheap electricity on a Morocco holiday

A Morocco holiday has been recommended by Wanderlust magazine.

27 April

Cheap electricity can be achieved through smart meters

Smart meters enable firms to bring down their outgoings by monitoring and reducing their energy usage, according to one expert.

26 April

Cheap gas could help pay for trips to France

Cheap gas bills could help Britons save money which could be put towards a summer holiday to France.

25 April

Cheap electricity could motivate businesses to go green

Cheap electricity could be the main motivator of many firms to embrace more environmentally-friendly approaches to keep energy usage down.

25 April

Cheap gas could come from boiler maintenance

Cheap gas could prove to be one of the benefits of making sure a boiler works as efficiently as possible.

22 April

Cheap electricity may help families to get away to Kenya

Cheap electricity could help families save money to put towards a summer holiday that is a little bit different.

22 April

Cheap gas could be required for communities

Cheap gas could help communities who want to make energy bill savings as soon as possible.

21 April

Money saved on cheap electricity 'can pay for New Zealand rugby trip'

Those heading to the Rugby World Cup have been advised to book accomodation early

20 April

Energy-efficient property to benefit from cheap electricity?

All homeowners looking to make improvements to their property should be focusing on boosting its energy efficiency, according to one expert.

20 April

New smart meters to increase access to cheap electricity and gas

The new products have the ability to communicate with smart appliances wirelessly.

20 April

Book a Thailand holiday with money saved on cheap electricity

Thailand offers a range of activities to those who have saved money by carrying out an electricity price comparison.

19 April

"Unfair" National Grid prices to 'jeopardise' cheap energy supply

Electricity industry leaders have argued transmission charges imposed by the National Grid are limiting their ability to develop renewable electricity projects.

19 April

EC initiative 'could lead to cheap electricity benefits'

An EC ruling would help improve standards in the construction industry, which could result in firms moving into new buildings benefiting from cheap electricity costs.

18 April

Green Party 'has best energy efficiency proposals'

The party has been praised for its free insulation plan, which may be the ideal accompaniment to a switch to a cheap energy supplier.

15 April

Chief sustainability officer 'could bring cheap electricity to businesses'

Companies have been encouraged to appoint a chief sustainability officer to make the most of energy efficiency opportunities.

14 April

Cheap gas could protect firms from spiralling cashflow problems

Cashflow problems at smaller firms could be reduced by switching to a cheap gas provider to lower operating expenses.

13 April

Cheap electricity 'to be available under Lib Dems'

The Liberal Democrats have outlined a number of proposals that could result in cheap energy for homeowners.

13 April

Cheap electricity savings 'can be put towards a bold home makeover'

Bright colours are currently in fashion for people who are putting the cash they have saved by switching to a cheap electricity supplier towards a home makeover.

12 April

Potential for cheap electricity wins Labour manifesto praise

The UK Green Building Council has welcomed one aspect of the 2010 Labour Party manifesto.

11 April

Energy act brings cheap electricity to some households

Fuel-poor households are to get further assistance with their electricity and gas costs under the new energy act 2010.

08 April

Moving to cheap dual fuel may help Cambridge businesses

Firms in the area are being encouraged to attend the event, which takes place on April 20th.

07 April

Cheap gas could support businesses should rents rise

Businesses may want to start looking for a cheap gas provider if expectations of rent rises are to be believed.

06 April

Switching to a cheap electricity provider 'could help with CRC'

PwC has warned firms that do not plan for CRC could see their energy costs increase.

06 April

Indulge in family bonding with money saved on cheap electricity

Cheap electricity bills could leave parents with some extra cash to take their kids on a family getaway.

05 April

Switch energy supplier to enjoy a UK break

People who switch to a cheap electricity supplier can use the money they have saved to enjoy a domestic break.

05 April

Government's CRC efficiency scheme 'a positive step'

The scheme will encourage businesses to cut their carbon output, a spokeswoman for the Renewable Energy Centre has claimed.